Daily Plan

This Daily Plan is non-conference approved, however many members of our group have found it helpful.

Morning Quiet Time

  • Review gratitude list.
  • Reading the ‘Just for today’ card and consider your plans for the day.
  • Read the Big Book.
  • Pray on your knees for freedom from self will and a sober day.

Evening Quiet Time

  • Read the Big Book.
  • Constructively review your day and add to your gratitude list.
  • Pray on your knees, give thanks for a sober day.

Throughout the day

  • Phone your sponsor
  • If fearful, we ask God to remove our fear. Say the Serenity Prayer and then think of someone we can help.
  • If people offend you, pray for them. Say to yourself “How can I be helpful, God save me from being angry. Thy will be done.
  • Have frequent contact with newcomers; phone two everyday.
  • Go to a meeting, at your Home group arrive early to help set up and stay late for coffee at least twice a week.